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Business Miner overview


Business Miner is currently early access only. If you're interested in trying it out, get in touch and we'll add you to our waitlist.

What's Business Miner?

Business Miner is a quick and easy way of looking into different aspects of your business processes. With Business Miner, you can leverage the powerful functionality of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) without having to understand the technical detail under the EMS hood. By simply selecting and answering a series of questions, you can:

  • Delve into detailed information about your processes

  • Get suggestions on how to improve them

  • Discover potential savings by optimizing your processes

  • Collaborate with your colleagues in a shared space about your processes and data

Who's Business Miner for?

Business Miner is specially designed for people who’re experts in their business processes but less familiar with EMS. You can get up and running on your own (and nice and quickly too) thanks to Business Miner’s guided, self-service approach. (We also think it’s pretty nice to look at and fascinating once you start digging into things.)

How Business Miner works

In Business Miner, everything is organized by business process type, with the Business Miner content for each process type stored in a Process Workspace.

Once you’re in a Process Workspace, you can start looking at your processes. Just choose a question that interests you from a list and you’ll get an answer based on your organization’s processes and data. We’ll also guide you through some more detailed, follow-up questions if you want to dig a bit deeper. These questions and answers are called Process Explorations.

You can also make observations about your Process Explorations using Insights. And Business Miner’s seamless collaboration lets your colleagues add their comments too.


Collaborating in Business Miner

Business Miner is all about collaboration so we’ve made sharing Process Workspaces and Insights with your colleagues quick and easy. (And when we say quick and easy, we mean ‘clicking a button and adding email info’ quick and easy.)


Sharing a Process Workspace or Insight gives your sharee access to everything in that Process Workspace, including any Process Explorations. So make sure you’re happy for them to access all the content in the Process Workspace before going ahead.

Getting started with Business Miner

Getting started with Business Miner is easy. Just sign in to EMS and click explore_icon.png on the left of your screen to see any Process Workspaces you’ve got access to. You can also start creating your own Process Workspaces from here.

Or if a colleague wants to collaborate by sharing a Process Workspace or Insight with you, you’ll get an email with a link that’ll take you straight to the right place.

Check out our video to find out more:


Or for a more in-depth look, follow our Introduction to Business Miner Academy course. You'll need a Celonis Academy log in to access this.