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Celonis Product Documentation

User Profile

When you click EDIT on your user profile, you can manage your personal details, change your password, monitor the visible teams to the user, and also generate API keys.

This page shows a breakdown of the different sections of editing your profile

Personal details

  • Change the UI language

  • Set the timezone


Change Password

  • Might require entering a 2FA code, depending on your settings


Two-factor authentication

  • Turn on/off Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account

  • Valid for any team on the same cluster

  • Set the channel for delivery of the 2FA token

The SMS channel is not available in these countries

Belarus, China, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia




Notification are deprecated.



In the API keys, you can create multiple tokens for various purposes such as using the APIs for integrating to the Process Repository.

in the field "New API Key Name", you can write the name of your key then click on "Create API Key". by that, you receive the created API key that you can copy and use for your purpose.


Visible Teams

All the teams that your user is a member of.