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Celonis Product Documentation

Cloud Operation

Cloud provider information, encryption, and data protection information are explained, including cloud-specific settings and properties.

General information about the cloud provider

Unless otherwise agreed, Celonis Process Managementworld GmbH uses the Celonis Process Management Cloud Platform Services (PaaS) and Infrastructure Services (IaaS) from Microsoft Azure for the Celonis Process Management Cloud product.

For further general information about Microsoft Azure please see:

Where is your data?

Unless you have made other contractual agreements, your data will be stored in Microsoft's European data centers. All platform and infrastructure services store your data exclusively on European servers.

You can also apply for a private cloud in Germany with a German data trust if desired. Please contact us directly if you are interested in this service. All further information on data protection relates to the European cloud.

Further information provided by Microsoft:

Knowing the geographic location of the data you have entrusted to a Microsoft Cloud Service is particularly important for customers operating in highly regulated industries or countries with data protection laws. Microsoft also understands that some customers must keep their data in a specific geographic location, e.g., within the European Union (EU). That's why Microsoft has a growing network of data centers worldwide, ensuring that each data center meets the stringent security requirements of each data center.

  • Customer data can be replicated within a geographic area to improve data life span in a major data center emergency. In some cases, they are not replicated outside this area.

  • Microsoft complies with data protection laws regarding transferring customer data across national borders. Example:

    • For international companies to benefit from the continuous flow of information required (including cross-border transfer of personal data), many Microsoft Cloud Services for Business customers offer EU standard contractual clauses with additional contractual safeguards for transferring personal data within the scope of the service. EU data protection authorities have reviewed the Implementation of EU standard contractual clauses, which is in line with the strict data protection standards governing the international transfer of data by companies operating in EU member states.

    • In addition to our obligations under standard contractual clauses and other model contracts, the EU-U certifies Microsoft. S. Privacy Shield Framework, set out by the U. S. Department of Commerce, is about the collection, use, and retention of personal data transferred from the EU to the United States. Microsoft's participation in the Privacy Shield applies to all personal data subject to the Microsoft Privacy Statement and originates from the EU, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. Microsoft also complies with Swiss data protection laws regarding processing personal data from the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

    • Microsoft does not transfer any data to third parties (including for storage purposes) that you provide to Microsoft in connection with your use of our cloud services to companies covered by the Microsoft Online Services Terms of Service.

    Microsoft does not control or restrict the locations from which customers or their end users access their data, regardless of where the customer data is stored.