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Celonis Product Documentation

View architecture
  1. Procurement Starter Kit Views

    • Procurement Process Cockpit: This View contains all the views that can be find on the folder [PC] Process Cockpit.

    • Validation Cockpit: This View contains all the views that can be find on the folder Validation Cockpit.

  2. Base Views

    • This folder contains the base views. If you change the layout of the views on this folder, it will be applied to all of the extended views. Also, if you add/remove another component such as a chart, table, or if you change the existing color of a component, etc, it will affect the rest of the extended views.

      1. Overview Base - Used as base/template for the Process Cockpit (PC) Base

      2. Validation Cockpit Base

      3. Process Explorer Base

      4. Process Discovery Base

      5. Orders Base

      6. Benchmark base

      7. Notes base

    • Subfolders:

      1. Widgets: This folder contains the base views for specific components as:

        1. SideBar Base - Template for the side filter bar

        2. KPI Dev Base: Template for a simple chart

        3. CeloStamp Base: Template for the info icon

  3. Tabs

    • This folder contains all the extended views that are embedded on the main Procurement Starter Kit View. If you have a look at them, you will see that all of them are an extension of the Validation Cockpit Base View and of the [PC] KPI Base View, but they are created in order to change some variables, like the selected kpis, in-app documentation views etc.

      1. Folder Validation Cockpit

        1. Touchless Order Validation

        2. Payment Term Validation

        3. Free Text Validation

        4. On-Time Delivery Validation

        5. Three-Way Match Validation

      2. Folder [PC] Process Cockpit

        1. [PC] Touchless Order

        2. [PC] Payment Term

        3. [PC] Free Text

        4. [PC] On-Time Delivery

        5. [PC] Three-Way Match

      3. Subfolders:

        1. Set Parameters

        2. Step 1 Block Validation

        3. KPI Overview

        4. Set Target and Benchmark

  4. Widgets

    • This folder contains the extended views from the Widgets subfolder on Base Views. As extended views, these assets have the template plus some additional components needed on specific views. For example, specific filter was added for Touched and Touchless Orders

      1. Sidebar specific for tabs

      2. Charts with specific KPIs

  5. Execution

    • This folder contains only the skill to update the app when a runtime variable as been modified.

      1. Refresh Skill

  6. Documentation

    • This folder contains in-app documentation about the App, KPIs and its calculation.

    • It is structure on Base and Extended views as well

    • Base Views:

      1. [Base] KPI Documentation: Base View to describe and explain a KPI

      2. [Base] Equation: Base View to dissect KPI calculation.

      3. [Base] EQ Documentation: Base View to add information to the KPI calculation

    • Subfolders: This folder contains views that are created from the Base above.

      1. About This Folder: Views that Contain information about the App and its views

      2. [EQ] Documentation: Extended views from [Base] EQ Documentation with specific KPI description

      3. [Equation]: Extended views from [Base] Equation with specific KPI calculations