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Updating the object-centric Procurement Starter Kit

When there’s an update for the Procurement Starter Kit, you’ll see an UPDATE AVAILABLE button next to the package name in the Dependencies tab in the package settings. The package settings are available from the package’s context menu (the three vertical dots by the package name).

Updates with new features are announced in the Release Notes, and all the updates for the Procurement Starter Kit are listed at the end of this topic. Update your Starter Kit regularly to benefit from our new developments.

Here’s how to update your Starter Kit:

  1. Check the change history at the end of this topic for all the releases that have happened since your current version, to see what changes were made since you last updated the Starter Kit. If there’s any action you need to take, such as manually updating a KPI or reapplying some of your customizations, we’ll tell you here.


    Your current Starter Kit version is shown in the Dependencies tab in the package settings.

  2. In Studio, click Publish Package to publish your current Starter Kit package, so that you can revert to this in case there are any problems during the update.

  3. In the Dependencies tab in the package settings, click the UPDATE AVAILABLE button to update the Starter Kit to the latest version. The popup lists the updated assets - click Update to proceed.

  4. In Studio, make any required manual updates that we’ve noted in the change history for your new Starter Kit version, or for the other versions since you last updated the Starter Kit.

  5. Check all the Starter Kit’s views to make sure everything works correctly, all the fields are populated, and the numbers look as you’d expect.

  6. If there’s an issue and you’re sure you made any required manual changes correctly, see Contacting support to find how to get help.

  7. If everything’s working, click Publish Package to publish your updated package and make it available to your users.

Change history
  • Version 1.1.0:

    • Introduced the Planning Parameters Deep Dive, both in the Process Cockpit and Validation Cockpit, with the following value opportunities: Zero Lead Times, Too Long Lead Times, Too Short Lead Times. 

    • Contract Usage Deep Dive: introduced the Contract Leakage value opportunity.