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Task Mining


Task Mining is the technology that allows businesses to capture desktop data, so they can analyze how their people are getting work done, and how they can do it even better. See the Task Mining product page for more details.

Task Mining consists of:

  • Task Mining Client: A desktop application that captures clicks, keyboard shortcuts, and other user actions when a whitelisted application is used.

    • Optional browser extension for Chrome/Edge that provides more detailed data

    • Optional Configuration Editor for advanced Client Capture settings

  • Out-of-the-box Data jobs or custom SQL / ML Workbench Python scripts to transform the data.

  • Out-of-the-box Analysis and optional Screenshot Viewer to visualize the data and get insights.

  • A service to manage your Task Mining projects and settings easily for hundreds of users.

How it works


Technical Architecture

Architecture Overview


Architecture Details


What information is sent?

  • Event metadata: The raw event log generated by the desktop application using the Windows API to collect clicks, scrolls and other user actions.

  • Screenshots (optional): Sent as png and linked to the raw event log using the column's screenshotId in the metadata.

  • Status and errors: Status messages and errors are sent to the Task Mining service to provide an overview for the Analyst in the admin panel.

You have the full flexibility to configure which metadata columns to send or pseudonymize.


  1. See Data Collection Capabilities to understand from which applications Task Mining supports capturing data.

  2. User Roles and Access:

    1. Task Mining User/Agent/Clerk: Individual employees working on a task while Task Mining is running in the background and identifying how they get their work done by capturing clicks, user interactions, and optional screenshots.

      Required: Desktop application installed on their computers (can also usually be installed without admin privileges).

      Required Team Access: None, i.e. no user account in the Celonis team. The client is authenticated over a client secret/app key.

    2. Data Analyst: Task Mining Project management and analysis Insights

      Required Desktop Access: Optionally they can also install the Desktop application to trial run the software but not mandatory.

      Required Team Access: Celonis Analyst (Role: Analyst, or more with access to respective Task Mining project). To create a Task Mining project, please reach out to your team admin (see permissions)

    3. Company Project Lead: The person responsible within your company to manage Task Mining as well as selecting and inviting the agents to participate.


      Project Lead and Data Analyst can also be the same person.

      Required Desktop Access: Same as Analyst

      Required Team Access: Same as Analyst

  3. Specific requirements for the Desktop application.

User Interface

The User Interface consists of several parts:

  • Desktop application that is sending data to the Data Integration and File Storage (screenshots).

  • Configuration Editor to create an XML configuration file for the Desktop application.

  • Task Mining service to easily manage your projects with hundreds of users.

  • Data Jobs and ML Workbench Python scripts to process the data.

  • Analysis and Screenshot Viewer to inspect results and event metadata.



To learn more about Celonis Task Mining, check out free online training from Celonis Academy: Task Mining Basics (1h).