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Celonis Product Documentation

Setup Checklist - Real Time Connectivity to SAP

This setup checklist can be used to track the implementation status of Real-Time Connectivity to SAP. It includes all necessary setup steps on a high level.




1 a

Latest RFC Module installed

SAP ECC Extractor

1 b

Latest Extractor installed

SAP ECC Extractor

2 a

Log Tables created in PROD environment

Real-Time Extension

2 b

Triggers created in PROD environment

Real-Time Extension

2 c

Clean up Background Job activated

Real-Time Extension

2 d

"Use Change Logs" option in Data Connection activated

Real-Time Extension

3 a

Tables added to Replication Cockpit

(with column & filter configurations)

Replication Cockpit

3 b

Replication Calendar is configured

Replication Cockpit

3 c

Subscribed to Alerts

Replication Cockpit


Start Replicating SAP Data in Real Time