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Celonis Product Documentation

Search and find

Global Search

Standard search: Search diagrams, objects, and information globally

The standard search is used to search processes, objects, and content for the beginnings of words entered. If several search terms are entered, they are linked with "AND."

Expert search: Search/filter in specific attributes.

With the expert search, you can filter by the field where the search terms should occur (e.g., in the description text field).

Expert search:

Search with operators

The expert search allows operators "AND"/"OR" to combine or mutually exclude search terms.

Expert search: Search with asterisks and quotation marks

In the expert search, you can also search for a partial term (using asterisks) or a compound term (using quotation marks).

Direct access to the selected search result via a link in the details area

The selected search result (process or object) can be called directly via a link.

List filtering

Filter search results in the list view

The search results list can be filtered according to additional, predefined criteria, such as type, version, author, etc.

Global filtering

Apply scope (scope filter) to search results (can be activated/deactivated)

Restricting the search to the scope (Scope Filter) can further narrow the list of search results.