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Troubleshooting RFC module installation

We've gathered some resources and troubleshooting tips that will help you resolve some problems you might encounter when installing the RFC module.


When importing the RFC Module into your SAP system you may get the error message: "Does not match component version" or "Checking components of the requests" as s hown below.



With Version SAP_BASIS 702 a new feature was added to the TMS system to check the component version of the transport which was released and the component version of the system where the transport was going to be imported. If there is a difference, this difference is highlighted in the import queue (transaction stms_import) and if you try to import the transport, the import will stop with a warning message about the difference in the SAPCOMPONENT versions.


Ideally, the source system and target system should match in relation to component versions, but this is not possible for the RFC Module, because Celonis has only 1 development system, while our customers have a multitude.

You can bypass the warning with the import option "Ignore invalid component version". You will see this option in the options tab upon import.