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Connecting data sources

After creating a data pool, you now need to establish connections with your data sources. These are referred to as data connections, with these connections controlling where your data is extracted from and then into the Celonis Platform. Your method of data connection depends on your source system, with both continous and one-time connections available.

For an overview of data connection types, see: Data connection types.

You can create, view, and manage your data connections by clicking Data Connections from your data pool:


Data connection types

When configuring and managing your data connections on the Celonis Platform, you have the following connection types available:

Data Push API

The Data Push API takes advantage of micro-batching to transfer data into the Celonis Platform. This method involves creating, executing, and monitoring multiple smaller transfers of data, removing the need to either transfer huge chunks of data or inserting records individually.

For more information about the data push API, see: Data push API.

Extractor builder

Use and extend pre-built extractors or create your own custom extractors to connect to your source systems. The extractor supports GET requests to all REST and OData APIs that return a JSON or XML response, enabling you to continuously connect to a number of commonly used data sources.

For more information about using pre-built extractors or creating a custom extractor, see: Extractor builder.

Connecting to cloud based data sources

Using pre-built extractor templates, you can connect your Celonis Platform team to a number of cloud based source systems. By using the extractor templates to create a data connection in your data pool, you can efficiently connect to the system, configure and execute your extraction and transformation tasks, and then model the selected data.

For more information about connecting to cloud based data sources, see: Cloud based data sources

Connecting to databases

With the Celonis Platform you can connect to a number of SQL databases via a JDBC connector. For more information about the most common connections, see:

Uploading data files

You can add data to the Celonis Platform without establishing a connection to a source system by uploading files. While this method doesn’t need an active connection to your source system, it also means that the data will not automatically refresh.

For more information about uploading files, see: Uploading data files.

To create a new data connection, click + Add Data Connection:


You can then select between a number of data connection types. See: Data connection types.

Once created, you can manage your existing data connections by clicking Options:

  • Duplicate: This creates a copy of the data connection and related settings within the same data pool. This option can’t be used to share data with other data pools or to move data connections between pools.

  • Edit: This enables you to edit the connection name, details, credentials, and any advanced settings available for that source system. After editing your data connection details, we recommend you then test the connection to ensure that it still functions.

  • Share Data with other Data Pools: You can share data between data pools within the same Celonis Platform team by exporting their data connections and then importing them into the target data pool. For more information, see: Sharing data between data pools.

  • Delete: This deletes the data connection configuration and all related data jobs, tasks, and any data previously extracted and transformed from that connection. This can’t be recovered, with the data connection needing to be created again in full if required.

  • Extractor Information: This allows you to view the extractor version, any linked data jobs, and the latest job execution information.

  • Test Connection: This uses the connection details to attempt to communicate with your source system, reporting back on the status. If unsuccessful, an error message provides more details.

Troubleshooting your data connection

If you experience issues when connecting your source system to the Celonis Platform, we recommend watching this video for common issues and suggestions: