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Celonis Product Documentation


Central property management

Reuse objects (roles, organizational units ...)

Objects stored in the repository are managed centrally and can be linked to processes or organizations as often as required.

Create a suggestion list when entering glossary names (Auto-Complete function)

Available objects are quickly found by entering the first 2-3 letters and can be selected from a list.

Search for objects in lists and architectures via a dialog.

Objects can be searched for keywords. Specific fields or criteria can further filter the result list.

Upload and link attachments.

Add attachments as links.

Attachments to further process information can be stored as internal links (e.g., to documents on SharePoint) or external links (e.g., to websites).

Upload attachments (documents)

Attachments (further process information, such as documents) can be uploaded to Celonis Process Management.

Upload images and visualize them directly.

Images can be uploaded in various formats (jpeg, png, etc.) and displayed directly.

Intelligent linking of plants directly with connected systems (additional services)

Plants and connected systems can be linked (additional services).

HTML text fields

Formatting descriptions with HTML editor

The HTML editor can make format adjustments (e.g., font size and image uploads) in the description text field.

Global Filtering

Define scope (scope filter) via organization, locations, and tags.

With the Scope filter, processes, and objects can be filtered according to their respective scopes. Relevant here are organizations, locations, and freely definable tags. The filter criteria must be maintained throughout the scope filter to make it efficient. Empty filter entries can be hidden in the search result.

Automatic saving

Save intermediate states of the modeling automatically (Auto-Save)

The current modeling status is automatically saved at regular intervals to avoid data loss and possible duplication of work.

Copy and move content.

Copy process flow objects within a diagram

One or more process flow objects are marked and copied within the diagram.

Copy process flow objects to another diagram.

One or more process flow objects are marked and copied to another diagram.

Cut out process flow objects within a diagram (drag and drop)

One or more process flow objects are marked and moved within the diagram.

Cut process flow objects into another diagram (drag and drop)

One or more process flow objects are selected and moved to another diagram.