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Celonis Product Documentation

Integration with Studio Analysis

About integrating the Process Repository with Analysis

Process Repository aims to better link Process Mining and Process Documentation.

Retrieving process models from Process Repository in the Conformance Checker

In order to do Conformance Checking, there is a need for defining the target model to be compared against the discovered model (To-Be vs. As-Is). There are four different options in Celonis to define the target model in the Conformance app. Besides using the mining capability, uploading a BPMN model, or designing the model directly in the Conformance Checker, it is possible to retrieve process models that are in the Process Repository.


After choosing this option, the user sees the whole list of stored process models to select the desired model.


By launching the model, the user successfully loaded the model in the Conformance checker.


Document process models from Analysis to Process Repository

Conformance Checker

After creating a process model in Studio Analysis, by either designing, uploading, or mining the process models in the Conformance Checker, it is possible to document them in the Process Repository.


After clicking on the button “Save model in the repository” the user can identify the category and process model level and save the process model.

Now, by going back to the Process Repository the user has successfully documented the process model in the desired category and process model.


Variant Explorer

The user can document process variants from Variant Explorer to the Process Repository. When selecting a certain number of variants, the user has several possibilities to export or save the model. By right-clicking on the Explorer, the user can see the export possibilities. One option is to export in BPMN format either to the user’s system or in the process repository by identifying the category and process model level and then saving the process. Additionally, the discovered variants can be exported or saved in the repository in PNG format.