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As a best practice, the App Dev Guild has agreed that KPIs should be used as variable containers whenever possible as it is the best way to encapsulate the information and re-use it across other filters, records, or other KPI.

We suggest reviewing the FORMULA_SCOPE_PR_OPTIMIZER for the Open Purchase Requisition Processing as this will determine what the purchase requisition will be on the scope for releasing the PRs, and seek for inefficiencies.

Remember that the user persona is the operational buyer, so this variable should help to display only the task for which that user persona will be responsible.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the variable FORMULA_SCOPE_PR_OPTIMIZER by default contains all the PRs that have not become PO, with Status ‘N’, and without deletion indicator.

Before publishing for the first time, it is a must to review this variable with the customer’s SAP IT Business Partner and Process Owner.