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An Analysis is a Studio package asset that helps you to identify execution gaps in your business processes. By creating and configuring an analysis, you can create a custom visualization of your as-is process and analyze the underlying data.

For more information about creating an Analysis within Studio, see: Creating and publishing Analysis in Studio.

And to see the available Analysis components you can configure and use, see: Analysis components.

When to use Analysis

With the release of our enhanced Studio experience, you can now create and configure content using our enhanced Views, Legacy Views, and Analysis. While we recommend using our enhanced Views, you should consider your use case, the available feature set for each, and whether you have previously created content using that feature.

To help you identify whether to use Views, Legacy Views, or continue using Analysis, we recommend reviewing our feature availability matrix: Studio feature availability matrixfdashbf.

You should only continue using Analysis when:

  • You have configured an existing Analysis that is working for your use case and already adding value to your team.

  • You have identified Analysis features that you would like to use that are only supported using Analysis (as opposed to Views or Legacy Views). These include the variant explorer, conformance checker, and print PDF.

Analysis components

When creating an Analysis in Studio, you can use the following Analysis components:

  • New sheet: This creates a blank sheet, allowing you to define your own Analysis.

  • Process AI: Detect and analyze deviations from the most common path in your process. See: Process AI.

  • Process Overview: Get the main insights on your process. See: Process Overview screen in Celonis 4.

  • Process Explorer: Analyze and understand your process. See: Process Explorer (Full Screen).

  • Conformance: Compare the real process to your target process. See: Conformance Checker.

  • PI Social: Understand how your team works together and where there are areas for improvement. See: PI Social.

  • Case Explorer: Inspect individual process cases. See: Case Explorer.