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About Process Explorations

What's a Process Exploration?

You can think of a Process Exploration as a Business Miner journey through a process. The journey is a series of questions and answers about the process. And the destination? A powerful understanding of how you can drive process improvements.

Creating a Process Exploration

You start your Process Exploration journey in a Process Workspace by selecting a question that interests you from a list. Filtering the answer information that’s returned lets you focus on, for example, certain dates or specific customers.

Answering related, but more detailed, questions lets you dig deeper into your process and data. Along the way, you can also tweak some of the default values used by Business Miner so your results better reflect how your organization actually works.

What's displayed in a Process Exploration?

The types of information displayed in your Process Exploration depend on the process type and the Process Exploration questions you choose. All Process Explorations will include:

  • KPI trends and breakdowns by different areas of your organization

  • The potential financial benefits of optimizing your process

  • Suggestions about how you could optimize different aspects of your process

Collaborating on Process Explorations

Your colleagues can view your Process Explorations if they can access the Process Workspaces where they’re stored. But if you want to collaborate with colleagues about a Process Exploration, you should create an Insight. An Insight captures a snapshot of the Process Exploration and ensures you and your colleagues are all looking at exactly the same data.

For example, say your organization’s invoice data changes because the data for the latest month is now available. If you previously created a Process Exploration that uses invoice data, the data values in that Process Exploration will also have changed.

By creating an Insight, you can be sure you and your colleagues are all looking at and discussing exactly the same thing.