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Celonis Product Documentation

Version 3

Shipping Emissions Reduction App version 3.1.0 (2023-09-11)App home, improved documentation, network explorer updates and re-designed reduction opportunities
  • Home View: Provides the user the most important information on their emissions on one view. It also contains links to the most important assets around the app. The new view should work like a control tower for the user as a central place to navigate through the app

  • Facelift of the network explorer: The network explorer gets a new improved user experience. It support the user in using this feature.

  • Update on reduction opportunities: The structure of the reduction opportunities get renewed. It now focuses on the two core use cases “Sustainable Shipping” and “Order Bundling”. We extended the documentation of these use cases to make them easier to understand and use. Beside of the new look and extended documentation, it also provides now the user with the capability to investigate the impact of process inefficiencies in the O2C process on their emissions.



Shipping Emissions Reduction App version 3.0.0 (2023-07-26)Emissions benchmarking, simplified shipping type configuration, and centrally-hosted carbon engine
  • The new in-app benchmarking feature lets you analyze and compare the environmental impact of different shipping routes and shipping types. You can get an immediate emissions estimate for a new or changed route and visualize it on an interactive map.

  • We’ve added an in-app configuration view to guide end users through customizing the settings of the carbon engine. You can choose basic settings such as primary transport modes (road, rail, air, or sea), and more granular settings such as fuel source and load type if you want, without needing to access the app’s backend or having technical knowledge of the setup.

  • We've migrated the script for executing our carbon engine from your Machine Learning Workbench (MLWB) to the Celonis host. This lets us keep the emissions calculation continually updated with features and certifications, and simplifies your initial setup for the app.