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Celonis Product Documentation

Organization Modeling

Organization Management

Define organizational models/diagrams.

Organization charts are modeled hierarchically.

Automatically generate organizational models/charts graphically.

Organization charts are automatically displayed as graphics.

Add and define positions in the organization model.

Positions can be defined and detailed within the organization.

Detail organizations with attributes and related objects

Organizations are further specified by additional linked information.

Define groups with positions and further details.

Groups (e.g., committees) and their AKVs can be created and assigned to corresponding organizations or positions.

Location Management

Define and detail locations (locations)

Company locations can be created and linked to processes or organizations. They are also used as filter criteria (Scope Filter).

Skill Management

Define skills centrally

Required skills can be defined and detailed. This is relevant for the exact specification of positions or roles.

Maintain existing user skills.

Defined skills can be assigned roles clustered by work experience (newcomer to master).

Maintain the required skills in the position.

Defined skills can be assigned to positions and clustered by work experience (newcomer to master). Job descriptions can be derived from this.