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Global Job: 5.0 Create IM data model views 2/2 (SAP_ECC)

This is the final data job of the IM Connector, and it is made up of three transformations that create the views IM_MARC, IM_MARA and IM_PLANT_COUNTRIES. 

Create Table: IM_MARC

This view creates the IM_MARC table by selecting all fields from IM_MARC_TMP, and then filtering the table down on only those materials present in the global views O2C_VBAP, P2P_EKPO, P2P_EBAN, PP_AFPO, _CEL_IM_ACTIVITIES, IM_PBED, IM_PLAF, IM_RESB and IM_STOCK_HISTORY. The purpose of this is to only load materials into the model where there is at least one transaction for that material somewhere in the system. This puts into perspective the actual materials present in the supply chain, which is especially important for operational personas such as Material Planners. 

Note 1: This transformation does take some time to run due to the multiple WHERE EXISTS statements present.

Note 2: If not all of the filter tables are present in the global jobs, for example if production is not considered at all, then the filter on PP_AFPO would need to be removed / commented out.

Create View: IM_MARA

This view is created by referencing the table created in the local job 0.1, and is then filtered on the IM_MARC table created in the previous step to only show active materials. 


This view is created by referencing the COUNTRY_CODES table created in job 0.0, and is then filtered on IM_MARC to only show plant countries where active materials are present.