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Using objects and events for process mining

To use objects and events in an analysis, Celonis needs a perspective. Perspectives can contain Celonis object types, event types, and relationships, or custom types and relationships that you have created, or a combination of both. They give Celonis a view of your objects and events, and provide the required context to construct PQL queries. For an overview of what perspectives are and how they work, see Perspectives.

Perspectives can be used for the same purposes in object-centric process mining that Data Models are in case-centric process mining. Load your built objects and events into a perspective to view and explore them, and to use them with Celonis features and apps. Loading and using perspectives tells you how to do this.

We’ve prebuilt perspectives for the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Management, Procurement, and Inventory Management business processes. You can work with perspectives in the Perspectives view in Data > Objects & Events. You can’t edit the supplied perspectives, but you can create other custom perspectives in the perspective editor. Creating custom perspectives and event logs tells you how to do this.

Perspectives directly support Celonis apps and features that are built for object-centric process mining. To support Celonis apps and features that require case-centric representations, create event logs from your perspectives. An event log focuses on a single object type, and describes the sequence of events that happen to the object type. The prebuilt perspectives include event logs for every object, and you can set up custom event logs when you create custom perspectives. You can also create an event log on the fly using the PQL function CREATE_EVENTLOG.