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Celonis Product Documentation

Inventory Management Connector


In order to successfully install the Connector, please check with product management that access to the app has been granted and all required features have been enabled in the backend. The list of required features are found in Appendix 1: Features, profiles, blocks, and widgets required.

Please find in the following a general overview of the App and a guide on how to set it up. Here's a short briefing on the most important points to consider.

  • Data Model, Transformations and Extractions

    • The Process Data Model should be based on the current SAP ECC Inventory Management (IM) process connector from Marketplace. This is very important as the data extractions, data sharing between pools and transformations can have a lot of variety as well as the data model configuration (tables configurations/alias, activity and case table configuration and key-relationships). If you can not use the standard, you can always compare your setting to the standard setting to identify deviations.

    • The IM Connector makes use of the Transfer Data Between Data Pools functionality, allowing it to pull data from the O2C, P2P and PP pools if necessary.