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Celonis Product Documentation

Managing actions in Process Navigator

In Process Navigator, you can:

  • Use actions to keep track of all comments, requests and feedback that have been assigned to you.

  • Assign actions to yourself so you have one list that contains all your work tasks.

Viewing actions

Click Actions buttonto see all your actions. You can view your actions and add new actions in My Overview.

Adding actions
  1. Click Actions button.

    The Actions page opens.

  2. Click Add new button..

    An Action form opens.

  3. Complete the Action form, making sure you include a description of your action.

  4. Click Save action.

    An action is added to the Action Center of the person you assigned the action too. If you’ve chosen to inform other people too, they and the assignee will also receive an email.

Using actions statuses

All actions have a status. The status:

  • Is New when the action has been created but work hasn’t started yet.

  • Should be set to In Progress once work starts on the action.

  • Should be set to Done when the action is complete.

Filtering, grouping and sorting action

You can organize how actions are displayed using:

  • Filter properties.

  • Grouping by state, severity or type.

  • Sorting by due date, change date, age or name.