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Celonis Product Documentation

Machine Learning

The Machine Learning provides you with a fully managed data science platform. You can leverage the EMS platform and integrate your Data Science projects and algorithms into the EMS ecosystem.

  • On-Demand Jupyter Notebooks: Celonis Machine Learning is integrated into Celonis Execution Management System, as a fully hosted and managed Jupyter Notebook, ready at mouse-click. Get instant access to on-demand computer power and the latest Python packages - no installs, no maintenance, no server requests.

  • Machine Learning-Ready Data Sets: Skip the painful process of cleansing and preparing the data with instant access Celonis event logs, which are ideally structured for machine learning. Start building, training, and deploying predictive models in minutes.

  • Pre-Built Process Mining Python Packages: Leverage ready-to-use Python package pycelonis), built specifically to handle process mining use cases.

  • ModelOps for Process Mining: Leave behind infrastructure headaches and model operations overhead. Celonis manages the entire model lifecycle, from building, to training, to deploying, to refining - all in the Cloud. With access to scalable computing, scheduled model runs, data pipelines, and model training, data scientists can spend more time focusing on model impact and less time on administration.

  • Embeddable Machine Learning: Celonis Machine Learning can be embedded in any area of the Celonis platform, including cleansing messy data from source systems, discovering hidden friction points in your process, and recommending next-best-actions through the Action Engine.