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Celonis Product Documentation

Responses from Process Copilots

Each Process Copilot is capable of generating a variety of response types based on the question you asked. Some responses may be in text format, while others may show a specific process flow. A Process Copilot is also capable of creating graphs or tables based on the criteria you submit, such as how a specific metric performs over time.

Inspecting responses

Each response from your Process Copilots has the option to inspect how it was calculated. By clicking the Inspect this response button below the contents of a response, you can view the high level steps this Process Copilot took to generate the answer to verify that the response corresponds to the information you were requesting.


These steps are displayed in the Inspect panel on the right with a description of each step in the process. Depending on the type of response, you may also have the ability to apply filters to the information or view the code associated with the response. For example, if your response generated a YML response, it would be displayed in the View Code section of the Inspect panel to show how this response was created.

Regenerating responses

You can regenerate the most recent response from your Process Copilot to see if the data has changed since the response was created. Click the Regenerate this response button and your Process Copilot will update the response with the latest data.

Exporting responses

You can export the contents of any response as either text or as a json file. Click the three dots menu below any response and choose your export format. The file is downloaded automatically.


Exporting a graphic response such as a process flow or a chart as a text file will result in a description of the response and not the image shown in the response.