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Celonis Product Documentation

Accounts Payable Starter Kit

The Accounts Payable Starter Kit helps you start your process mining journey for Accounts Payable. All of the Celonis Starter Kits are available in the Celonis Marketplace, which you can get to from the Celonis Celonis Platform navigation bar.

The Celonis Starter Kits only work with SAP source systems. They are based on the latest Process Connector for those systems, and the Data Model that's provided with that Process Connector. The Marketplace listing for each Starter Kit tells you which Process Connector you need for it.

Accounts Payable use cases

Each Celonis Starter Kit focuses on the use cases that are proven to generate the most value for businesses. For the Accounts Payable Starter Kit, these are:

  • On-time payment

  • Touchless invoices

  • Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

  • Cash discounts

  • Duplicate invoices

What's in the Accounts Payable Starter Kit?

The Accounts Payable Starter Kit comprises:

  • The Accounts Payable Knowledge Model, with the process knowledge (KPIs and formulas) for Accounts Payable. The other Starter Kit components and all other apps for the business area depend on this.

  • The Validation Cockpit, for verifying and customizing your inputs and the Starter Kit views.

  • The Process Cockpit, for end users to work with the supplied use cases or your customized views.

  • The Value Discovery App, which prioritizes use cases in the business area by their potential value for you.

Help and feedback

If you need help installing, configuring, or using a Celonis Starter Kit, check the Celonis Support Center at Celopeers. You can search for answers, ask a new question, or create a support ticket.

If you want a quick overview or a training course, go to the Celonis Academy.

If you have feedback about the Celonis Business Apps or want to raise a bug, use the Feedback button in the apps to send it to the product team. For feedback about the Celonis documentation, use the "Was this helpful?" button at the end of the topic.