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SAP FI - only blocked invoices

If you don’t park invoices in SAP and just want to run the app on blocked invoices, it makes sense to use the op. DM and add customizations that were made for the existing DM (e.g. additional activities, tables, filters) to the transformations related to the op. DM. The DM will then not contain open parked invoices but only the blocked invoices.

Using the op. DM has the advantage that the Parked & Blocked Invoices App doesn’t have to be customized to another DM structure. Generally, the implementation and customization of the op. DM is less effort than updating multiple PQL definitions in the Knowledge Model. Please keep also in mind that it’s not required to re-extract existing data even when using a second data model so that the APC implications are negligible.

If the addition of the op. DM is not an option, the Parked & Blocked App can be adjusted to show only posted FI invoices.

Please reach out to ( for help or to get guidance.