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Celonis Product Documentation

Validating the Knowledge Model.

In the Knowledge Model, we use variables and formulas to provide better maintainability as well as permit bulk changing of values. During the first setup of the app, you need to check both the variables and formulas. You should start by validating and adjusting the variables and then validating and adjusting the formulas.

  1. To perform the validation, align with your customer’s SAP IT Business Partner and Process Owner. They have knowledge about the data structure and are aware of customizations that may need to be included.

  2. To validate the PQL statements of the variable/formula, use analyses in the same Data Model, copy and paste the PQL statements into it, and then validate the results with your SAP IT Business Partner.

  3. If required, adjust the variable/formula in the Knowledge Model by:

    • Copying relevant code in View mode.

    • Entering Edit mode and pasting your selection.

    • Adjusting the formula/KPI according to your preferences/needs.