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Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis Machine Learning Sensor

The purpose of a Machine Learning Sensor is to react automatically upon a specified data incident, also called Signal, which can be defined by advanced python algorithms or machine learning models.

The Machine Learning Sensor checks the Data Model for new Signals every time ...

  • ... the respective Data Model (referenced in the Knowledge Model) is (re)loaded.

  • ... changes to the Knowledge Model have been published.

  • ... changes to the Skill using this Machine Learning Sensor have been published.

Celonis Machine Learning Sensor
  • Celonis Machine Learning Sensor scans the Data Model for new Signals meeting certain criteria and conditions.

  • For the configuration of the Machine Learning Sensor you need to select ...

    • the Knowledge Model on which the Machine Learning Sensor should look for new Signals.

    • the Use Case that defines the Machine Learning Sensor. This dropdown contains the built in ML use cases as well as an option to configure your own advance use cases.

If you do not find the option of Machine Learning Sensor in your team, please contact us at and we will enable it for you.



Here is a list of all the currently available use cases and a detailed guide on how to configure them.