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Celonis Product Documentation

Fullscreen Components

Fullscreen components are the pre-installed available applications for your Celonis analysis. They can be added to your analysis by clicking Create Sheet located in the footer of the analysis UI (see item 8 below).

Add new fullscreen component

Fullscreen components are added to the analysis via the "Add new app" screen.

  1. New App: Create an analysis application with the components you desire.

  2. Process AI: Detects and analyzes deviations from the most common path.

  3. Process Overview: Summary of the main metrics derived from your process.

  4. Process Explorer (Full Screen): A graphic tool used to analyze and understand your process.

  5. Conformance Checker: Selects the desired target process and compares it to your as-is process.

  6. PI Social: Lets you dive into the behavior and performance of the different users involved in your process.

  7. Case Explorer: View the process data tables and inspect individual cases.

  8. Create Sheet: Used to access the "Add new app" screen.