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Creating task templates

Task templates are available on a data pool level and allow you to create and manage reusable extraction or transformation tasks for your data jobs.

For more information about extraction and transformation tasks, see:

Creating and managing task templates

You can create task templates in two ways:

Creating new task templates

To create new task templates from your data pool diagram:

  1. Click Additional Settings - Task Templates.

  2. Click Add Task Template.

  3. Choose from which task you want to create a task template. The new task template will take on the configuration of this task and the task will be converted into an instance of this task template.

  4. You can change the name and description of the new task template. Note that this will change the name and description of the chosen task as well.

  5. Click Save.

Converting existing tasks to a task template

You can convert any existing task to a task template by clicking Options - Convert to template:

Managing existing task templates

Once created, you can manage your task templates from your data pool diagram by clicking Additional Settings - Task Templates.


For the each available template, you can then click Options and then select from the following choices:

  • Edit: You can edit a particular task instance that’s based on the task template, rather than all instances.

  • Rename: This allows you to rename the task template, with all instances based on this task template being simultaneously updated.

  • Duplicate: This creates a copy of the task template and associated configuration, with the newly created task template being labeled with a (1) or next applicable number.

  • Delete: This delete the task from all data jobs it is currently used in, with no recovery possible. A list of impacted data jobs are displayed before you delete the template.

  • Protection: This controls who can view, edit, and use the task template. You can have the following protection levels available:

    • Open (default): The task template can be viewed and edited by all users with access to the data pool.

    • Viewable: Only the instance value of task parameters can be edited, with the task template itself viewable to all users with access to the data pool.

    • Protected: The task can be viewed and edited, however users must acknowledge a legal disclaimer about the content contained within.

    • Locked: This task can only be viewed or edited by data pool admins.

Using parameters in task templates

You can use parameters in task templates, allowing you to define reusable static or dynamic parameters within a task. When using parameters in task templates, you must specify both the default and instance values.