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Celonis Product Documentation

Updating your team name and logo

Your team name and logo can be updated at any time. The changes show for all users in your Celonis Platform once their browser reloads.

Team name

Your team name is used as a reference in your Celonis Platform only. This means changing your team name will not change the environment URL or reset permissions or configurations.

Team logo 

Your team logo is displayed on reports where a logo component is configured. Changes to your team logo will be reflected in any subsequent reports that your team runs.

To update your team name or logo, click Admin & Settings - Settings:

A screen shot showing where to click the Settings button within the Admin & Settings area.

Configuring the logo link in Process Designer


Clicking the Celonis logo in the top-left of the Process Designer header bar opens the Celonis Platform in a new tab. If you see a customized logo here instead, you'll need to manually add the link to the Celonis Platform.

  1. In Process Designer, go to Editor mode.

  2. In the header bar, click Settings button..

  3. Select System settings.

  4. Select Celonis Link.

    Screenshot showing the Celonis Link option
  5. Enter your Celonis Platform URL in the URL field.