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Duplicate Invoice Checker - object-centric

The Duplicate Invoice Checker for Accounts Payable detects duplicate invoices in the Accounts Payable process in real time, so that you can prevent unnecessary payments to vendors or reclaim previous duplicate payments.

The app identifies new invoices that are potential duplicates, either of other new invoices or of older invoices. Our fuzzy matching algorithm expands beyond the exact matches that your ERP system already finds, using a variety of known patterns involving the invoice value, document date, invoice reference, and vendor name. You can filter the scope of the invoices that the app checks, to remove known false positives and focus your efforts on your highest value areas. Algorithm and default search patterns for the object-centric Duplicate Invoice Checker has more details on how the app works.

The app’s goal is to help your Accounts Payable users identify duplicate invoices as early as possible, before they are paid, so that they can set a payment block or reverse the invoice. Your users can review the groups of potential duplicates with the help of an AI-created confidence score, and provide their feedback about whether or not they are actually duplicates. They can then take appropriate action to prevent unnecessary payments or lengthy payment recovery processes.

This documentation is for the object-centric version of the Duplicate Invoice Checker for Accounts Payable, which works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. It uses the app-specific perspective perspective_DuplicateInvoiceChecker_DuplicateInvoiceCheckerApp, which is based on the Celonis-supplied Accounts Payable perspective. The perspective includes the objects, events, and relationships from the object-centric data model that are relevant for the business process.

The Duplicate Invoice Checker is a premium app and is subject to an additional licensing fee. Talk to your Celonis account team to arrange this before you download the app.