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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Collection Capabilities

  • Supported Desktop Applications

    1. Task Mining can capture fundamental data from all desktop applications. The depth of further information varies depending on the specific application.

    2. Browser: Task Mining can capture information from the listed browsers like any desktop application. In addition, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) are currently supported for advanced filtering on a per URL basis as well as further browser interactions.

    3. Extended metadata support (for details see the schema documentation):

      1. Google Chrome

      2. Microsoft Edge (Chromium Based).

      3. Internet Explorer/Firefox: URL for certain events.

        1.  Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge is NOT supported to capture URLs.

      4. SAP - Saplogon for windows.

      5. See for SAP GUI capture details and limitations

  • Remote Desktops and Citrix

    1. Case 1: Installing Task Mining on the Citrix Server. Amount and details of captured data as usual (i.e. as if target application was running on the desktop directly). Currently not supported (this is only limited tested by now).

    2. Case 2: Installing Task Mining on Client only. Capturing information from remote desktops or Citrix on the client without installation on the Citrix Server is supported but data is limited. Screenshots can still be captured, the metadata may be limited: Some columns that are usually populated (see Schema) might be empty, e.g. TargetElementName, most _UIA fields, or all fields from a browser extension. Fundamental data, such as the ProcessName and title of the ActiveWindow will still be available.


    • Limitations to when data can be captured accurately from the SAP GUI: When the user clicks on a button/element and the related SAP GUI is already “closed” when the Task Mining client tries to capture more detailed information such as the button name, then this will either fail or retrieve the button name of the underlying window.

    • When using Task Mining to capture more details in Saplogon, Task Mining uses GUIScripting. SAP handles how Saplogon behaves with GUI Scripting enabled. Some behaviors might slightly change. Typically that changed behavior can mostly be managed in their Saplogon settings, e.g. to keep showing native  window dialog. The additional GUIScripting calls might have some impact on the SAP performance, which has to have enough resource capacity left to handle those calls.

    • If you enable "SAP Integration --> Retrieve SAP Data" in the Task Mining Client to obtain detailed data about user interactions in SAP (necessary for all SAP fields), the Search Preview in SAP may not function properly. This is because of a limitation in SAP that prevents field previews from appearing when using SAP GUI Scripting to retrieve data.

    • Task Mining Client can only have two connections open at the same time: (1) a connection for SAPLogon (any of its processes) and (2) a connection for SAP Business Client (any of its processes).

    • For example, if the client made a connection for saplogon and then the user starts saplgpad, the client will stay connected to saplogon as that connection was made first and will not be able to get SAP elements from saplgpad (unless the user has first closed saplogon, which would kill the connection and allow the user to connect to the other process).

    • For more details on SAP, see Data Collection Capabilities - SAP GUI.

  • Data availability: Typically the fundamental data is available if it applies for the event. 

    • ActiveWindow: The Activewindow title is available for all user events, unless the window has no title. 

      • A typical example for a window without tile is when the user clicks in a context window. E.g. right click on a desktop icon and then left click on "Rename". This left click will have an empty ActiveWindow.

      • Another example is, If you open an Application by clicking in the Windows Taskbar you get a Left Click event with ProcessName explorer with empty ActiveWindow.