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Celonis Product Documentation

Configuring settings for the object-centric Order Management Starter Kit

Use the Order Management Starter Kit’s Settings view to configure variables such as the display currency. You'll need ANALYST or ADMIN permissions to change the values of the variables.

Here’s how to get to the Settings view:

  1. In the Celonis Platform navigation menu, select Studio.

  2. Find the Order Management Starter Kit (Object-centric) in your Studio Space Navigation.

  3. Expand the package’s structure using the twisty.

  4. Select the Settings view.

  5. Use the dropdowns to update the values of any variables that you need to. If you haven’t selected a value, the Starter Kit is using the default value.

  6. When you’ve finished configuring the settings, and made any other setup changes that you want, use the Publish Package button at the top of the screen in your Studio Space to publish a version of the Starter Kit.

If you want to change any variable values after publishing, you'll need to do this in the Settings view for the Starter Kit in the Apps area.