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Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis Apps for Power BI

The goal behind Celonis Apps for Power BI is to change the way companies work by bringing cognizance of their processes to the places where it matters most; their employees. 

This is achieved by transferring the capabilities and insights from Celonis Platform to Power BI where customers already view analysis and use it daily.

The Apps

The Celonis Platform Apps for Power BI are a series of apps that enable the consumption of valuable process intelligence from the Celonis Platform into Power BI.

The first suite of apps shipped with the Celonis Platform connector for Power BI are for Order Management. They report on important KPIs and process performance in Power BI and are powered by the Order Management Starter Kit and the Celonis Platform Connector for Power BI.

This suite contains five apps that address specific use cases covered in the Order Management process:

On-Time Delivery

The goal of the On-Time Delivery app is to evaluate how well the order management process performs in regards to keeping the delivery date and increasing visibility of areas of interest connected to delayed deliveries.

Touchless Orders

This app focuses on the most important metric around optimizing labor productivity. Optimization efforts are tracked through the ratio of automated to manual activities, giving insight into the most important core activities.

Order Rejections

This app focuses on the financial and qualitative impact of Order rejections. Enriched with the most prevalent Order rejection reasons, the app reports and monitors on unrealized business and revenue performance of the order management process.

Order Blocks

This app focuses on monitoring and reporting on Order Blocks across countries and customers. Important metrics like affected order value, most prevalent block categories and key customers are taken into account.

Unbilled Orders

The goal of this app is to evaluate the extent to which unbilled orders affect the revenue and identify patterns around customers, countries and material. It monitors and reports on opportunities to optimize cash flow and revenue realization.


Each app consists of two components:

  • A knowledge model to enrich the Starter Kit for Power BI reporting.

  • A Power BI Report that allows you to connect to this knowledge model to consume the pre-built analyses and customize them, if required.

Mapping tables

These mapping tables list the fields that the Celonis Platform Power BI App writes to in Power BI. Some of them are simple Power BI fields, some are calculated columns and measures.