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Celonis Product Documentation

Enabling data job alerts

You can enable and configure condition based data job alerts for all data jobs in your data pool. When your data jobs are executing, the Celonis Platform then sends you an email notification whenever your configured conditions are met. This email is sent from, so we recommend adding this to your safe list or list of allowed domains.

To enable your data job alerts for your data pool diagram:

  1. Click Data Jobs.

  2. For each data job you want to configure alerts for, click Options - Configure alerts.

  3. Click Enable alerts.

  4. Configure your data job alert to send emails based on the following options:

    • Data job fails

    • Data job finishes successfully

    • Data job get skipped

    • Data job execution time

  5. Click Save.

    The data job alert is now enabled for that data job only. Repeat the above steps for each data job you want to receive email notifications about.