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Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis Platform Connector for Power BI


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The Celonis Platform Connector for Microsoft Power BI is part of the Celonis Experiences for Microsoft.

The connector is an addition to Power BI. It allows you to natively connect Power BI to your Celonis Platform instance. The connector automatically lists all published Knowledge Models and allows you to import aggregate records that are defined in the knowledge models.

You can define records in PQL inside the knowledge models and load them into Power BI, giving you the full PQL experience inside Power BI.

The connector allows you to:

  • Connect to a Celonis Platform Team via the Team URL from Power BI Desktop.

  • List all published knowledge models, and records defined in those knowledge models for the Celonis Platform Team.

  • Export data from a record defined in a knowledge model.


When you're exporting data, there is a limit of 200,000 rows and 20 columns. Furthermore auto-generated Records from the data model are not supported.

Once the Process insights have been added to a Power BI Report file, you can create your own reports using familiar Power BI visualizations to display your Celonis Platform KPIs.

The Celonis Platform Connector for Power BI is Microsoft-certified since the May 2023 Power BI Desktop version (please also see the Celonis and Microsoft release notes). This means, it is automatically installed and distributed by Microsoft to all Power BI customers who are using the latest Power BI version. This means further that all functionalities from Power BI can be used, for example automatic and seamless Dashboard refreshes in Power BI Service.


This connector allows you to combine the capabilities and insights from Celonis Platform with your existing Power BI platform. For example, you can:

  • use Power BI for an aggregated view, to provide an overview of the most important process KPIs. Celonis Platform can then provide a deep dive into process issues to get an event-based view of the process.

  • supplement your current reporting with process-related KPIs from Celonis.