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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Model

The operational Accounts Payable data model contains only non-cleared invoices (posting key 31, invoices, and 21, credit memos) and related data for those invoices. The peculiarity of the operational DM is that the case table _CEL_AP_CASES is a union of the parked invoice header and the posted invoice lines.

The data model is structured into six main clusters of tables:

  1. Currency Conversion tables that don’t have any connection to other tables (TCURF, TCURR, TCURX)

  2. Goods Receipt / Purchasing Document History table for tracking goods receipt (EKBE)

  3. Purchase Order data being connected to an incoming invoice (EKKO, EKPO)

  4. Details about the incoming invoice document (RSEG, RBKP). The incoming invoice header (RBKP) is part of the case table _CEL_AP_CASES.

  5. Details about the accounting document (BSEG, BKPF). The accounting line (BSEG) is part of the _CEL_AP_CASES case table.

  6. Vendor Master data information (LFA1, LFB1)