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Celonis Product Documentation

Reject and release processes and objects

After reviewing the process (or object) for release, return to the TASKBOARD and accept or reject the item.

If the approver disagrees with the pending release, they will select Reject and enter a comment for explanation into the displayed dialog window.

The process or object's status is reset to In process, and the author is notified about the rejection via e-mail. A brief notification about the rejected process also appears in the author’s TASKBOARD under Info, and the task is no longer shown on the approver’s taskboard.

To approve the process, the approver clicks Accept.

The process now has the status Released. The status Valid is set as soon as the previously defined start of validity is reached. Previous versions of the process or object automatically receive the status Expired then.


If the author has not defined the start date of validity, the status Valid is automatically set to two weeks after release.