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Celonis Product Documentation

How do the Celonis Platform AR Apps improve working capital?

Unlike other solutions for Accounts Receivable, Celonis grounds your teams in a single source of truth by consolidating data across different systems, generates actionable insights and prioritized actions to reveal and fix your AR process inefficiencies, provides easily customizable views for different stakeholders, and is fast and intuitive to implement and use, adding value to your AR operations in months, not years.

The apps accelerate cash collections and tangibly improve your working capital performance by enabling your teams to operate at their highest level of efficiency and effectiveness, reaching a new level of performance.

  • They provide a singular, 360-degree view of your AR operations by connecting the data across all your source systems, apps and desktops. Stakeholders across functions and hierarchy access the same information, while customizable views ensure that they can focus on the information relevant to them, without requiring additional data reconciliation. They break down barriers between departments and processes to provide 360-degree organizational visibility.

  • They enable data-driven prioritization and risk assessment of balances by taking into account the age and size of balances, past payment behavior, disputes, credit utilization, and other factors. Risk scores inform escalation decisions where necessary, and credit approval decisions are simplified through systematic risk evaluations.

  • They facilitate intelligent and efficient execution by identifying common inefficiencies and teeing up appropriate solutions. Common manual steps such as dunning emails, dispute coding or credit approvals are simplified through Celonis’ action flow capabilities or eliminated through built-in automation. Team orchestration is streamlined across hierarchy levels, escalation decisions are guided by data.

The Celonis Platform Accounts Receivable apps help you record key developments that are often not captured systematically by ERP systems such as customer disputes, promises to pay or ownership assignments.

Further, the AR apps are powered by Celonis Platform, which provides process insights that help you diagnose your underlying issues at the source, such as systematic billing errors or recurring payment delay patterns.