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Celonis Product Documentation

How can managers, leaders and executives leverage the Celonis AR Apps to make data-driven decisions?

The apps are purpose-built to empower organizations like yours to take your Accounts Receivable management to the next level of performance and achieve lasting, fundamental changes in how your teams run.

Celonis Platform acts as a brain for your collections efforts, supercharging operations by coordinating across all the moving parts of your people, your processes, and your technologies. Celonis Platform integrates data across your transactional and analytical systems in real time and at scale, and enables intelligent execution by 'x-raying' your processes for inefficiencies and setting up solutions to these issues.

While the AR apps provide a range of views for stakeholders across the value chain, they automatically consolidate and summarize data to allow all stakeholders to refer to a single source of truth. When they're deployed they power each other through shared data and insights. The Control Tower is the starting point for a Finance or Working Capital executive. It summarizes the key metrics and tracks performance against your targets across Collections, Disputes and Credit. From there, Celonis Platform facilitates efficient task coordination, performance tracking and communication between stakeholders.

A central part of the implementation is the Process Cockpit. The Process Cockpit is built to minimize time to value on Celonis’ most common use cases. In it, Celonis tracks relevant KPIs, reveals key inefficiencies quickly, and provides detailed insights into their root causes so you can take actions to resolve them. The Process Cockpit enables your teams to understand when, where and why inefficiencies happen.