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Celonis Product Documentation

Using the process model
Searching the process model
  1. Click the Search icon search_icon.png to the right of the process model graph.

  2. Enter your criteria in the Search field.

    As you enter your search criteria, any events logs and events matching your criteria are displayed, with the colored squares indicating which event log the event appears in.

  3. Click any search result to go directly to that event in the process model.

Process model view and edit modes

In View mode, you can:

  • Report on data within the process model but cannot change it.

  • Add filters to set which events are shown in the process model.

    For more information, see filtering the process model.

You access Edit mode by clicking Edit mode button in the top right of the screen. In Edit mode, you can:

  • Mine your baseline model.

  • Add or remove specific event logs and events in the process model.

  • Select variants.


Any changes you make will display in real time in the process graph. Any changes you've made to the process model since you created the target model will be discarded. While you’re modifying an asset, the Edit mode button is disabled for other users. If another user opens the asset in View mode, they’ll see a message indicating that you’re currently editing this asset.

Changing the metrics displayed in the process model


The icon for the metric switcher varies according to the metric that is currently selected. If Thoughput Time is selected, for example, a stopwatch icon displays.

  1. Click the metric button PAM_metric_switcher_button.png in the upper left corner to open the metric switcher.

  2. Select the metric you want to use from the dropdown.

    The metric displayed on the edges and events within the process model and the units used are updated automatically.