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Celonis Product Documentation

Benefits of using Orchestration Engine

Orchestration Engine leverages insights around the order management process, and orchestrates and triggers actions in other systems across your business. You can immediately begin to improve your experience with customers, and directly impact your revenue. Orchestration Engine delivers real-time responses to signals from the back office, resulting in faster time to action for the business, and the ability to positively affect the experience for the customer and the business at just the right moment.

What problem does it solve?

In commerce, optimizing outcomes for these two priorities is challenging given the commerce process’ highly dynamic and decentralized nature. Front-office problem solving for customer satisfaction and customer experience typically does not take into account back office processes and problems. The two are usually separated, creating unnecessary friction.

Secondly, it is impossible for organizations to react to all developments with the intelligence, speed, and scale required to maximize both revenue and the quality of the customer experience.

You’ll typically see pain points such as:

  • a mess of digital commerce, marketing, and back-end tools

  • fragmented and disconnected end-to-end digital sales processes

  • slow-moving stock, tying up working capital

  • fast-moving stock, creating frequent stock outs

  • low on-time delivery rates from suppliers and drop-ship vendors

  • high manual labor to introduce, improve, or run end-to-end digital commerce business processes

  • high order fulfillment costs, long order-to-cash cycles, and high return rates

Orchestration Engine is a modern solution orchestrating business front-office processes based on Celonis process intelligence and the insights that it provides. This approach to business solutions is unique and efficient. It makes it possible to directly tie business KPIs and outcomes to the customer interactions, and to improve those interactions with the data flowing through the business.

What is the business value?

Including Orchestration Engine in the management of your organization process adds business value at many levels. Digital processes can improve different aspects of your business at the same time by:

  • reducing customer acquisition cost

  • improving operational efficiency

  • growing revenue and working capital

  • lowering labor costs

Business aspect

Customer value

Promote excess stock

Reduced working capital - excess stock is identified and sold to reduce the bound capital.

Avoid the promotion/selling of products with low stock or long lead times.

  • Reduced CAC - customers who click on ads for products no longer available incur cost without buying.

  • Shorter order to cash cycle - orders with no delays do not cause delays in payments.

  • Prevention of lost revenue - avoids customers leaving to procure product from an alternative vendor.

Minimize cancelation rates by providing intelligent delivery times driven by supplier performance.

  • Increase customer satisfaction - customers are closely engaged increasing their LTV and orders are delivered on-time, leading to higher overall customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced CAC - expensive win-back campaigns are avoided.

  • Increased revenue - more accurate delivery times allow sellers to manage customer expectations and reduce order cancellations, increasing the revenue retained.

Automated Re-Ordering - remind customers to buy on time, based on their consumption pattern and current order lead times.

  • Increased customer satisfaction - customers are closely engaged increasing their LTV and orders are delivered on-time, leading to higher overall customer satisfaction.

  • Increased recurring revenue - create a recurring revenue stream without subscriptions.

Self Service Return - automate and improve the cost effectiveness of your return process.

  • Reduced cost of handling for returns - make automated decisions on how to handle and how much to charge for a return.

  • Reduced return cycle times - improve customer satisfaction whilst reducing the cost and shortening the time of handling a return.

Supplier Promotions - promote products with kickbacks or marketing funds from suppliers or manufacturers.

  • Increased or diversified revenue - establish or improve a revenue stream.

  • Reduced procurement costs - push products to achieve a different discount tier when buying from a supplier.

Orchestration Engine is designed as a low-code solution to make it possible to deliver automated solutions quickly, without the need for help from developers. The platform can still be used by developers and business or marketing teams.

The requirement for less technical skills leads to improvement in time to market and business delivery. To use the solution you don’t need to have multiple engineering teams focusing on integration and automation. Leave Orchestration Engine to do the work.