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Exploring deviations between your process and the target process
  1. Create your target model.Creating your target model from your mined baseline model

  2. Click deviation_explorer_button.png.

    The Deviation Explorer panel opens.



    The Conformance Rate shows the percentage of events in your process that conform to the target model process for each event log. If the Conformance Rate is 100%, for example, your process conforms exactly to the target model. The color key for the process graph is shown in the Deviation Explorer panel.

  3. In the process graph, click a colored line to select the event log you want to explore.

  4. In Actual behavior, view the:

    1. Deviation category.

    2. Event where the deviation occurs.

    3. Percentage of cases the deviation occurs in.

    4. Impact on the throughput time caused by the deviation.

    5. Event log where the deviation occurs.

  5. Hover over the Filter on this behavior button for any deviation to see flows that contain that specific deviation.

  6. Click any deviation in Actual behavior to view more details about that deviation.

    The dashed line shows where the deviation occurs. Here, this is the location of the missing event.

  7. Click the Breakdown of dimensions button.


    A table that displays detailed information about the selected deviation appears.

  8. Analyze the root causes of deviations.

Understanding deviation categories

Deviation category


Missing event

An event that is required in the target model but does not occur.

Occurred too often

An event that should only happen once in the target model but occurs multiple times. This could be because of a loop or duplicates.

Occurred out of sequence

An event that was required in the target model but occurs in the wrong place in the process flow.

Violated exclusive gateway

Two possible events occur at a point in the process where only one event should occur.orOne or more events that should occur sequentially do not occur at all.

Deviation category examples

The Create Sales Order Item event in the PO Celonis Sales Order event log occurred too often for 24.85% of cases and had an impact of an additional 17 days on throughput time

  • In the first deviation, the Create Sales Order Item event occurred repeatedly after the Create Sales Order Header event in 487 event logs, adding an extra five hours of throughput time.

  • In the second deviation, the Create Sales Order Item event occurred repeatedly after itself (in a loop) across 10 event logs, adding 849 days to the throughput time.