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Setting the data scope of your baseline model


Using filters to set the data scope of your baseline model lets you focus on specific parts of your process or aspects of your process like a country or specific product. Any filters you apply here will be automatically applied to your target model when you create it. You can edit or remove these filters at any time. For more information, see filtering your process model.

  1. Review and edit event logs.

  2. In Model Miner, select the Select event logs tab.

  3. Select:

    1. Exclude incomplete cases.

    2. Start and end events to define what a complete case is for the part of the process you want to review.


    We recommend you remove incomplete cases as they can add unhelpful ‘noise’ to your process.

  4. Include data for a specific aspect of your process, such as geographical area or creation date, by:

    1. Selecting Filter event log attributes.

    2. Selecting Add a new filter and drilling down to select the event logs you want to filter and your filter parameters.

    3. Clicking Apply filter.

  5. Click Save & Continue.

    Your baseline model opens in the Target Model Editor.

  6. Refine your baseline model.Refining your baseline model