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Celonis Product Documentation

Integrate ALM Projects by Atlassian Jira interface
  • To use this functionality, please contact your Account manager.

From now on, you can integrate Atlassian Jira into your project with Celonis Process Management. ALM projects are thus mapped from process to implementation, provided you have linked your project workflows to processes.

The interface to the popular project management tool Jira supports the realization and implementation of optimization potentials, measures, and IT requirements in agile teams. The connection of the systems ensures transparency and a clear overview of all completed and upcoming project steps.

Celonis Process Management’s integrated requirements management supports you in capturing, organizing, and prioritizing all types of requirements in a structured way. Process Designer’s data model allows you to link the user story to existing objects and roles. Defined requirements in Process Designer are instantiated in Jira for execution. Items created in Jira are automatically transferred to Process Designer and serve as the basis for linking processes to tasks.

The connection of the systems ensures that you can easily navigate from the process to the Jira user story and back. Every user has an overview of the project's progress – for efficient development and more transparency.

Interface Atlassian Jira to Symbio