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Free text filter


This feature is currently in Limited Availabilty mode and should be seen as a workaround for complex filtering requests for the time being. If you would like to use free text filters, please send a request to our Support team:

The free text filter feature allows you to provide any syntactically valid filters in your filter statement, extending the default extraction options provided by the Celonis Platform. When using the free text filter, there is no input sanitization provided by the platform, meaning that you are responsible for any filters you use here.

For example, you can use the free text filter to add a filter only extracts data from the last 90 days:


Once the free-text filter feature is enabled, in order to perform the delta load the dynamic parameter can be used. By using dynamic date parameters, you can then define the date or time formatting of your filter based on whether the zero relates to minutes, seconds, or fractions of a second.

For example:

Column value

Dynamic parameter value


2024-04-03 09:50:00



2024-04-03 09:48:37.000



2024-04-03 09:50:03.128



Hence depending on the source system, you should apply the formatting while using the dynamic parameter. For example: In case of Athena use from_iso8601_timestamp{} which will convert the ISO format value to timestamp.