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Celonis Product Documentation

What is not supported

Delete instructions in Apache Kafka is a data protocol. A Kafka message contains a Key and Value component (there are more like headers and metadata, but they don't play any role in this context). Whenever a message with a Key: K1 and Value: null is interpreted as delete for K1.

At the moment, the connector skips "deleted" records.

Schema Validation Alignment

Inside Celonis Platform, data is landed in a table within a data pool. The target table might be created upfront or as a result of the first data upload. Check "How it works" to understand the connector design. However, the connector is not in a position to validate the records schema matches Celonis Platform table schema. The user is expected to align the data.

Automatic Celonis Platform Table Creation

The connector does not have the capability to create the target table and the associated schema. If the target Celonis Platform table does not exist, it will be created within Celonis Platform once the first file is processed.