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Celonis Product Documentation

Prerequisites for the object-centric Inventory Management Control Center

Before you set up the object-centric version of the Inventory Management Control Center app, you’ll need to enable and configure the Inventory Management process, load the object-centric data model with your data, and validate the perspective_celonis_InventoryManagement perspective.

You’ll also need to set up the additional custom object types that the app requires to enable its use cases, and create a custom Inventory Management perspective with the additional objects. You’ll use the custom perspective with the app in place of the supplied perspective_celonis_InventoryManagement perspective. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide for you to set up the custom object types and the custom perspective. The app is listed in Marketplace as available on request, and we’ll provide the guide when you make the request.

If you’ve used the case-centric version of the Inventory Management Control Center app and created the optional dependency for it on the Inventory Management Starter Kit’s Knowledge Model, be aware that the object-centric version doesn’t have a dependency on the Starter Kit and there’s no advantage to creating one.

If you need to get help with any of the app’s prerequisites or setup steps, Support tells you how.