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Celonis Product Documentation

Inventory Management Control Center - object-centric

The Inventory Management Control Center leverages data from purchasing, production, and sales to generate insights for your supply chain. The inventory insights are contextualized with your Bill of Materials, and the app enables deep dives on plant, material group, or material and plant level.

The Inventory Management Control Center:

  • Highlights overstock and obsolete stock to reveal potential for working capital optimization.

  • Highlights understock and out of stock situations to reveal potential lost sales.

  • Identifies and tracks evolving consumption and replenishment trend, based on data across procurement, production, and sales processes.

  • Projects your inventory into the future to reveal inventory trends and need for action.

The Inventory Management Control Center app is designed to help supply chain managers and process improvement specialists to optimize inventory performance for your business objectives. You can monitor your choice of KPIs including material availability, turnover rate, excess inventory rate, and days of cover. You can customize any of the app’s calculations to account for specific rules used in your business, or replace them entirely with a custom formula.

The Inventory Management Control Center app’s views let you perform root cause analysis by identifying and evaluating the best and worst performers at different levels of aggregation - country, plant, and material.

  • Tree maps and color coded top and bottom 10 analysis tables provide an intuitive way of evaluating performance against your selected KPIs.

  • Time series graphs track events such as a spike in demand or a drop in replenishment rates.

  • The Network Explorer shows the relationship between KPIs and countries, plants, and materials, enabling supply chain managers to assess the downstream impact of an inefficiency or a disruption on the value chain, perform root cause analysis, and make informed decisions.

This documentation is for the object-centric version of the Inventory Management Control Center app, which works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. The Inventory Management Control Center app needs some additional custom object types to enable its use cases, so you’ll need to create a custom Inventory Management perspective to use with the app in place of the supplied perspective. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide for you to do this.

For the documentation and setup instructions for the case-centric version of the app, see Inventory Management Control Center.