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Viewing your platform adoption

Platform adoption - Login history

Your platform adoption dashboard is available to admins in Celonis Platform teams. Only available when user login history is enabled, this dashboard gives you insights into who is accessing and using your Celonis Platform team and how this usage compares over time.

To view your platform adoption dashboard, click Admin & Settings - Platform adoption:

  • In the Monthly Logins view, we look at the login history data for the last 12 months, excluding the current month.

  • In the Weekly Active Users view, we look at the login history data for the last 5 weeks, including the current week. Monday is used as the week start for each of the 5 data points.

  • The average monthly logins are the average over the last 12 months.

  • The growth over the last month is the percentage change in logins in the last month over the month before that.

  • Stickiness is calculated by dividing daily active users by monthly active users.

Platform adoption - Studio tracker

For Celonis Platform teams of 80 users or more, you can track your studio usage by enabling the studio tracker. The studio tracker provides an overview of how many users are accessing your studio packages and applications. With greater visibility into package usage, you can then decide which packages require their own views and which are no longer being used.

To access your studio tracker dashboard, click Admin & Settings - Platform adoption - Studio.

Then click Tracking Service:


You can filter your studio adoption based on:

  • Views: App, studio, or combined

  • Spaces

  • Packages

  • Time periods

When viewing your studio adoption, these stats are available:

  • Total number of users

  • Total number of views

  • Average users per package

  • Most used packages

  • Asset usage per package